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h50_holidayswap's Journal

Hawaii Five-0 Holiday Fic Exchange
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Welcome to the annual Hawaii Five-0 Holiday Swap!

Holiday Swap FAQs

*The Holiday Swap is an anonymous fanwork exchange focusing primarily on characters and relationships from for the new Hawaii Five-0 on CBS. Authors who sign up will receive a secret assignment.

*All fics must be a minimum of at least 1000 words for their recipient (there is no maximum word count). Art can be computer or hand drawn and much be complete, no rough sketches or manips

*Everyone who signs up will have a story written or art drawn especially for them and will in return write a story or create a work of art for someone else.

*Assignments will be matched according to the requests submitted to us. Please be specific or you may get something you don’t like. You will not be able to pick your recipient. We will do our best to ensure people are matched with the characters/pairings/likes they are willing to write. If you have a problem with your assignment please contact us immediately. When you receive your assignment you MUST REPLY and let us know that it has reached you. Do not offer to write something unless you are comfortable with the possibility of being matched with someone who wants it.

*Submissions may be slash, het, gen, or femslash. Threesomes/moresomes are welcome.

*Crossovers welcome as long as H5O is the dominate theme

*All stories will be due by one date and will be posted anonymously by the moderators.

*As this is an anonymous exchange, do not crosspost anywhere else or reveal your recipient to anyone until after authors/artists are revealed on January 1. Once works have been revealed, you’re welcome to post wherever you’d like.

2013 Schedule of Events: (tennative)
- 1 September - 15 September - Signups
- 1October - Assignments given out
- 1 December or posting begins
- 1 January authors revealed