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Final Round up and Master post

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the final round up and master post.

I want to thank everyone who participated and hopefully we can do this again, should there be interest, this year.

You all were awesome!

All works have been revealed so you are free to post them publicly now.

Thank you once again.


1. Smutty Times by sharpiesgal for annieke
2. All Roads To The River by witchyemerald for superbadgirl
3. As Easy As Falling Down by thatwzjustadream for starbuckssue
4. Milk and Cookies by hello_mcee for galadriel34
5. The H5-0 Wallpaper Collection by sexycazzy for witchyemerald
6. The Thing...At The Place by tkeylasunset for dalwriter
7. A Pineapple Free Christmas by starbuckssue for tkeylasunset
8. Melly Kinky What? by dalwriter for hello_mcee
9. Of Ruined Christmases and Zombies by ilmare_ilse for thatwzjustadream
10. A'a I Ka Hula by superbadgirl for tazlet
11. Sidestepping along Parallel Lines by annieke for kaige68
12. The Story of Smooth and Dawg by kaige68 for simplyn2deep
13. Gift for sexycazzy by galadriel34 for sexycazzy
14. We're On a Christmas Adventure by simplyn2deep for ilmare_ilse
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Another Update

Greetings all!

I just checked the collection at AO3 and saw that 12 gifts have been posted. That is so awesome! Thank you guys.

Anyway, just waiting to see two more gifts post and then we can call this gift exchanged closed for another year.

Hopefully, next year will be better organized.

Your forgetful and woefully unorganized mod
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Sorry for the massive confusion

I meant to post the link to the collection on AO3, but it slipped my mind in the rush to get ready for work. That is no excuse and I apologize for making a wonderful experience fraught with frustration and annoyance.

I want to thank superbadgirl for providing the link.

Your forgetful mod

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P.S. The link to the collection on AO3 is
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Just Checking In....

Hello all,

How are things going?

Finishing things up?

If you are done, you can go ahead and post. It won't be revealed until Sunday the 8th.

If anyone still needs an extension past the 8th, just drop a line here and we'll work something out.

Otherwise have a good day and happy creating.
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Another Update

Hello, friendly forgetful mod here,

Several of you have let me know that you would be needing an extension, so I'm going to extend the due date to next Sunday the 8th of December. If you think you won't be able to finish in time, let us know so we can line up a pinch hit.

The other question is in regards to posting and reveals.

Instead of the mods posting, we are going to let y'all post your creations to the collection on AO3. Let me know if you don't have an account there and we'll round you up an invite.

Reveals will take place on January 1st.

There will be a sharing post on here once everything has been posted.

That should cover everything. Any questions, just comment here.

Thanks for your patience and happy creating.
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Just Checking In....

Hello all....

Friendly, absent-minded mod here.

I'm just checking in to see how everyone is doing.

Sunday is the deadline, but if anyone needs an extension please drop me a line at my email addy ( or PM me and I'll get you sorted out.

I hope you are having fun writing/creating.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the awesome stuff y'all will come up with.

Also, as you know, we now have a collection on AO3, thanks to simplyn2deep and are in the process of figuring out how we can do anonymous posting/reveals there. Please bear with us.

Otherwise, have a good Thanksgiving Weekend.
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Assignments Have Been Sent Out

Hello all,

Just a note to let you know that assignments have been sent out. If you see an email from, please don't junk it. I had to use my personal email since I couldn't remember the password for this comm's email. Another reason why getting older sucks.

Anywho, if you don't receive your assignment by Monday, drop me a line at the email addy above or just PM me and we'll get things sorted out for you.

Thanks, and happy writing,


Sigh ups are Open

we sharpiesgal and I intended to open sign ups a couple weeks ago but real life bit us in the backside.

We are going with a slightly different format this year. We are going to allow art this year as well as fiction and have all stories and art due on the same day (tentatively December first) after which we will ask for pinch hits if needed and then we will start posting. We are also allowing crossovers as long as the Five-O crew are the main characters.

simplyn2deep has set up a collection for us on AO3 and I'll allow her to explain it to me and us as to whether or not we can post there anonymously and then be revealed at a specified time

We will be keeping everything updated on the profile page please check it for finalized dates.

With that out of the way, sign ups are officially open. Form is under the cut.

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This Years Holiday Exchange

We're mixing it up a bit this year adding art and changing the way we are going to do things (and if we can figure it out maybe have an AO3 community thing set up)

As soon as we get dates figured out we"ll be back to open the sign-Ups. Until then Put your thinking caps on and we'll be back with announcements before the 1st of September.